Midlands Corporate Headshots are providers of premium photographic services for business. Our friendly but professional approach is designed to bring out the human side of your business

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I'm Olly from Midlands Corporate Headshots. I come to wherever your business is and make smart, flattering professional headshots. Need to ask me something?

I'm Olly from Midlands Corporate Headshots. I come to wherever your business is located to make smart, flattering professional headshots. Contact me for your free no obligation custom quote


An efficient way to make a significant impact on the quality of your website. Consistent imagery gives a professional and dependable impression to your clients

Leadership Portraits​

A more in depth portrayal of you in your corporate environment. For the senior executive wanting to document their achievement or for the ambitious up & comer looking to make an impression 


From annual dinners to charity galas and any event that your company sponsors, we will show your organisation in its best light whether this is for promotional or internal purposes

It's All About People

We understand that not everyone loves have their picture taken and for many people it’s right up there with public speaking or going to the dentist. That’s why we take great care to make everyone feel at ease (left) so that their best self shines through (right). Your imagery says so much about your business and we help you to create the best impression possible.

What Our Clients Have To Say

How Headshots Work


We Come To You

Our mobile studio comes to wherever you are in order to maximise efficiency and minimise disruption to the working day. We only need a modest sized space to work


How We Do It

We can shoot up to 30 people in a single working day or can split the shoot over 2 or more days depending on what is most convenient to you


Exacting Standards

Each person gets to choose their favourite picture of themselves. The final image is then retouched to commercial standards for a perfect finish that everyone will love and be proud of.

Headshots FAQs


How long does it take?

Once we're set up we can be done with a single person in 15 minutes. This gives time to put the subject at ease and to get a handful of shots for them to choose from.


How many people can you shoot in a day?

So long as everyone is ready at their allotted time we can shoot up to 30 people in a working day.


Why do we need professional headshots?

Your clients and customers will probably make initial contact with your business through your website. The first impression that your imagery makes is crucial. Not only should the images be to a professional standard but ideally should also be consistent, giving your business a solid, organised appearance that inspires trust and confidence.


Can't we just use our phones?

Some people go a whole adult lifetime never having a professional picture taken of them. It's true that phone cameras are better than ever and they have their place. But we're all so used to seeing their images everywhere that a professional portrait really turns heads and marks the subject out as a truly serious individual.


What should I wear?

It depends on your industry and what you want to project. At Midlands Corporate Headshots we specialise in image that project professionalism and so would suggest attire that does the same. When you book us you'll receive a briefing sheet with all the advice you need to get the most out of your shoot.


Do we need professional hair & makeup?

It's not completely necessary but having a professional hair & makeup artist to give everyone a once over before they are photographed undoubtedly improves things. We can supply a suitable hair & makeup artist on request. If you don't want one then we'll provide you with a briefing sheet containing simple, easy to follow instructions on how to prepare your own face and hair for the best results.


When will we receive our images?

You'll get the proof images to choose from in a week and once you and your staff have chosen your favourite shot of yourselves you'll receive the final, professionally retouched and edited photos in another week.


Do you cover my geographical area?

We're Midlands based but can cover any UK location.


How Much Does It Cost?

Less than you'd think. It depends on numbers, location and how many sessions it would take. Simply contact us for your transparent, all inclusive quote with no obligation

Want To Discuss It Further?

Whether you want to ask a question or make a booking, you can email Olly on the details below or send a WhatsApp via the widget at the bottom of the screen

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